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Beyond the Manger, Calvary, the empty tomb: Heaven

Beyond the Manger

In that manger stall was cradled the Light of light that would effect mankind forever.

The Light that illuminates our lives from the darkness; the Light, who on one dark day was led to Calvary.

Beyond Calvary

On Calvary that dreadful day that Light was suspended between heaven and earth and there God's salvation plan was accomplished.

Jesus, the Lamb of God (the hope of the world) had sacrificed his life for Adam's fallen race.

Beyond the Empty Tomb

The Light was temporary snuffed out and laid in a rich man's tomb.

A tomb that couldn't hold its occupant.

On the third morning Jesus came forth with Power, the same power that will bring back to life the redeemed of all the ages.

Earth's gravity will not be able to hold us to the ground when the call to awake comes from that Infinite Glory.


Home at last! The Joy, the Delight, the Splendor of that moment of complete Redemption when the Redeemed and the Redeemer, face to face, for all Eternity.

01/25/2004 M.Welch 

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