The City of God

Oh City of God, our Eternal Home, our hearts long for you!
A City where Jesus reigns as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

A City of the beloved saints who walk in splendor and are incorruptable.
A City filled with celestial music such as was never heard or dreamed possible on earth.

A City filled with fragrant air free of all that pollutes.
A City where the Lily of the Valley and the Rose of Sharon blooms in all His splendor.

A City where night is forever banished by the Light of Gods Eternal Day.
A City where there is no need of the sun, moon or stars for the Bright and Morning Star of Jesus Christ illuminates it with His Presence.

Gone forever are the bonds of earth released to bodies immortal.
Pain and sickness will be known no more.
Death and all the sorrow that accompanies it wont touch that City where rules the Conqueror of death.
For He is the Resurrection and the Life.
We shall walk in that City because on earth His empty tomb opened the door to eternal life.

The sound of weeping and crying will never be heard there, for God our Loving Father shall wipe away the tears from our eyes.

There we will meet and walk with Angels, the precious ones who ministered to us on Earth, often unbeknownst to us.
City of God, City of grand reunion of friends and loved ones that on earth were so dear.
Now, never to be separated again!
Oh! The Joy and delight to contemplate that meeting!

Think of the incredible Joy of meeting Abraham, who looked for this City.
Think of Moses finally in the promised land.
Think of David, the sweet singer of Isreal so near to the heart of God, whose music cause our spirits to be encouraged and soar with the promise of "dwelling in the House of the Lord forever".

The City where at His right hand there are pleasures forever more.
The City where His presence is our complete Joy!

Oh! To walk with John the beloved, who gave us a glimpse of this heavenly City.
A City where crystal clear streams flow along avenues of gold.

There we shall see God our Father in all His awesome splendor, the Ancient of Days.
Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, we love and adore you!

Then our eyes shall behold Him, Heavens Delight!
Then our eyes shall behold the Rock of Ages, Gods Beloved Son, The Lamb of God whose death and resurrection purchased our redemption! 

Now! He is crowned King of Kings and Lord of Lords!
Oh, Come; Let us adore Him!
Oh, Come; Let us honor Him!
Oh, Come; Let us bless Him!
Oh, Come; Let us worship Him!

Rejoice! For He has all Power and all Glory!
Rejoice! For He alone is Worthy!

© 04/19/94 Mary Lou Welch
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