The New Millennium

As the first day of year 2000 came to a close, Jim and I were driving home - captivated by the a glorious sunset. The first sunset of the new Millennium. 

God displayed His Glory in the heaven as we journeyed home. The trees of the firmament reached up in lace like beauty connecting with heaven's artist painting a picture of exquisite, breath taking beauty. 

Peach, pink, lavender and aquamarine trimmed in brilliant gold. We were in awe! 

How wonderful and awesome to be in the care and keeping of such a One - how Great is our God! We can't help wondering - will this be the Millennium " When He shall come resplendent in His Glory to take us Home from out of this vale of night?" 

If the sunset on the first day of this new millennium was grand, grander still will be the SonRise. The Son of Righteousness shall appear and our journey which began at the Cross takes us into a new dimension - a new day. 

Time as we know it shall be no more. All Things shall be changed - we shall be changed "for we shall be like Him when we behold Him, The Lamb for sinners slain. 

So take heart friends and pilgrims - "Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb". He will see us through - that is His promise. 

So until the Day God's Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven do not let your love wax cold. 

Be lovers of God and one another and others for by this shall the world know we belong to Him. 

Let us show others the Way Home. 

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