The Compelling Love of God

This title just doesn't seem to be correct considering that the word compel means to force someone to do something (Cambridge Dictionary).

We know that God doesn't force Himself upon any of us. However the more we discover and experience God's Love the more we are drawn to Him.

He is the source of light, life and truth.

In the movie, Star Wars, we heard the quotation "May the force be with you" repeated many times.

We were never quite sure what this force was.

But here we have the God of the whole universe who seeks to be known by His creation.

He does not seek to be God that we worship from afar, but instead with open arms He invites us to come near to Him.

We seek for many things in order to have a "fulfilling life".

May we like the Psalmist David cry out for the Living God (Psalms 84:2).

He will show us the pathway to life where we will the fullness the joy of His Presence forever.

Until finally at last we will enter into the Gates of His Kingdom where love, joy and peace will abound exceedingly beyond our greatest expectations forever and ever.


03/15/2005 M.Welch 

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